About Us

Parts is Parts, also known as the American Guitar Center, was established in 1982 in Wheaton Maryland by John Sprung. AGC soon became one of the leading dealers of Vintage Guitars and Amplifiers in the world. People traveled from all corners of the planet to see the Temple of Tweed, and the most complete collection of primitive Electric Guitars and Amplifiers in existence as well as our vast inventory of incredible vintage guitars and amps. John specializes in Guitar Photography. His photos can be seen in many of the available publications on Vintage guitars. He co authored Fender Amps, The First 50 years, considered by many, the bible of Fender Amps. In 1993 Parts is Parts moved to Vermont. As it became more difficult to procure Vintage Guitars in the Great White North, Our focus changed to selling repair and restoration parts. We are the National Parts distributor for Korg. We also sell parts for many other companies, including Fender, Spector, Vox, Blackstar and many other fine companies. If you have a question about your Vintage Guitar or Amp, John is available to help. 

For Help or Information it is best to email us. If you call, please leave CLEAR a message. We will call you back. Let us know where you are calling from so we dont wake you up at 4 in the morning.


Feel free to call us:

1-800-590-0014 USA/Canada

1-802-365-7257 International


We do our best to answer emails 7 days a week.