Fender Nut Blank (2), 0099492000

Fender Nut Blank (2),  0994920000

Fender Nut Blank For Guitar (2),  0994920000

Uncut Fender nut blanks. Installation from a certified luthier is suggested, but if you've got the balls, cut a nut!

High-quality melamine (simulated bone) string nuts for vintage electric guitars and basses. All nuts have a 9.5" radius. 

9.5" radius, 1.75" wide. Some filing/modification will be required for proper fit.

Cut to fit most Fender instruments. Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jaguar, Jazzmaster,

 Sold as a set of two in case you screw the first one up!

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Price: $5.95