TonePros Locking Stud Set, SNS1N

This is the real thing! This is the new locking version of the common guitar stud (tailpiece not included) as used on 'wrap-around' style bridge & tailpiece combinations that secures solidly to your guitar and won't come loose or fall off when the strings are off. These TonePros System II components are the same that you will find installed on the top new guitars direct from the factory. These studs will look identical to your stock pieces but will turn your 'wrap-around' including Badass, Schaller 455, and Wilkinson bridge/tail combos into a solid, locking system. These new TonePros studs lock your existing 'wrap-around' solidly in place creating perfect intonation and singing sustain. This model fits your older Gibson Les Paul jr's, SG's, Hamers, as well as most other USA made guitars with 'wrap-around' style bridges with standard us threaded inserts. You won't believe the difference, and you will never go back


SKU: sns1n
Price: $29.95